NBE examines the Slovenian institutional framework for regional development in order to extract the key success factors


The NBE team responsible for the implementation of the project “Improving Regional Development Policies - Sharing the German and Slovenian Experience” financed by the European Fund for the Balkans, visited Slovenia’s institutions authoritative for regional development during the week of 23-28 September 2012.

During this one week visit in Slovenia, NBE members held a dozen meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the Regional Development Agencies, researchers from the educational institutions involved in the area of regional development and experts in the field.

In-depth interviews were used as a research methodology to obtain the necessary information. The specific issues discussed during the interviews were focused on the institutional setup for regional development in Slovenia in order to depict the main strengths and weaknesses, as well as to serve as recommendations in the Macedonian case.

The final results of this visit, with relevant recommendations will be presented in the research paper, which should be finalized in the midst of November. The next visit to Germany is scheduled for the same purpose and it will take place from 20-27 October, 2012 in Germany.