Successful conduction of the work-shops part of the project “Business plan as the roadmap to success”


As part of the project “Business plan as the roadmap to success”, funded by the Education Department of the City of Skopje, NBE organized two three-day workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship and business plan writing.

The workshops, conducted from the 12th – 17th November, were attended by 65 fourth-year high-school students from a number of high schools in Skopje, R. Macedonia. The attendants were introduced to the main topics in the field of entrepreneurship, and had the chance to prepare parts of a business plan by themselves. The workshops, which proved to be a huge success, achieved their aims of enhancing the entrepreneurial culture among the younger generation in R. Macedonia.

As a continuation to the implemented project activities, a Guide entitled “Guide to business plan writing” is foreseen to be published.