Successfully carried out training in Project Proposal Writing for regional development


On November 08 and 09, 2012, NBE’s members successfully carried out training for project proposal writing in the field of regional development. The training was financially supported by the GIZ RED project in Macedonia and co-financed by the participants and the Integrated Business Faculty. The aim of this capacity building sequence was to enhance the knowledge for project proposal writing of the key stakeholders involved in regional development. The participants were mixed group coming from different institutions and organizations all involved in regional development such as municipalities, centers for regional development and non-governmental organizations.

The participants were acquainted with the process of project proposal writing from its preparation till its submission. The following topics were discussed:

  • Following calls for proposals;
  • Preparation for project proposal writing;
  • Problem, goals and stakeholders analysis;
  • Project justification;
  • Preparation of project activities;
  • Timeframe preparation;
  • Defining results and outputs;
  • Budget preparation;
  • Submission of application;
  • Project evaluation.

Different methods were used to carry out the training such as pin boards, power point presentations and flip chart. Also the training included participatory approach exercising practical involvement of the participants.

Due to the high level of interest, second training on the same topic will be held on 4th and 5th of December, 2012.