NBE commences the activities for the project “Creative Business Plan for Successful Entrepreneurs”


During the past month, NBE has started with its promotional activities, as part of the project Creative Business Plan for Successful Entrepreneurs. This project is supported and co-funded by the City of Skopje, and it is a continuation of the successfully implemented project from the previous year entitled Business plan as the road map to success.

As part of the activities, NBE will organize two three-day workshops, intended for prospective high-school graduates. During the workshops, students will actively create their own business plans, while at the same time they will get acquainted with different aspects of entrepreneurship and elements of business plans. Students will be organized in groups of 3, with each group presenting an innovative business idea and preparing a business plan for it.

Students interested in participating in the workshops can apply by sending their name, contact details and their business ideas to info@nbe.mk

Creative Business Plan for Successful Entrepreneurs is part of the financing and support program of Skopje Sector for Education, with the goal of educating and training high school students in order to improve their skills and knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship. NBE is participating with an innovative project in this program for the second year in a row.